Medford knives

Medford Knives and Tool Company are the American company and skilled industrial and custom knife making facility based in 2020 by Greg Medford,a long-time knife manufacturer who spent most of his time in the Middle East and Asia before returning to the United States as an immigrant. His initial foray into knife making was using a tiny scale company,but he became well known among the knife making and knife attachment world. His innovative designs and higher quality materials,in addition to the help of a fantastic group of knife making and tool design pros,helped to build a reputation for Medford Knives and Tool which is now enjoyed by many knife manufacturers and custom knife dealers throughout the world.


Medford Knives and Tool offer handcrafted knife sets which include everything you need to complete your next knife project,as well as custom knife kits which permit you to create your own knife with just the tools that you need and no external tools needed at all. Their basic sets and custom knife kits feature some of the finest knives in the industry such as,but not limited toJapanese shears,Swiss army knives,Kershaw knives,Victorinox knives,and much more.


All Medford Knives and Tool goods are made with the best materials available,and their blades are made and produced to the greatest standards. The majority of their knives come with a 1 year guarantee,so you are aware they will provide years of satisfaction. These knives also come in various styles and shapes to compliment your needs,including fixed blade knives,pocket knives,and kitchen knives. Most of Medford’s designs are available online and are compatible with most of the popular brands of knives on the market today.


Medford knives come with a promise of 100% replacement of the blade within one year of purchase. Each individualknife is guaranteed for a lifetime,so if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, you are not out much money,because each single Medford knife is backed by a full one year guarantee.


The company has expanded its merchandise over the last few years and offers knives to suit the needs of even the most discriminating clients. Medford Knives and Tool manufacture high-quality wood carving tools and knife blocks,butchers block and butcher block sets,knife blocks,corkscrews,breaking tools,and much more. With each product,the company continues to provide the highest quality and workmanship possible.


The company also supplies a unique set of knives which are made to be utilized in the harshest outdoor conditions. This unique collection includes a knife block using a water-resistant liner,making it ideal for use submerged in lakes,rivers,and ponds. Additionally,the knife has been coated in a high quality,non-slip,polycarbonate polypropylene cloth,which makes it both tough and durable.


This knife set includes three knives a Japanese knife,a Swiss knife,and a corkscrew. The corkscrew comes with a handle,a leather sheath and is made to be utilised in any environment. All these items can be bought individually or together,and the entire collection is a fantastic addition to any outdoorsman’s collection.


If you’re a individual that likes to create their own tools,then you will want to look no further than Medford Knives and Tool. From easy folding knives to custom,one-of-a-kind knives which can be customized to meet your needs and desires,this organization’s knife collection is ideal for the serious custom knife manufacturer.


If you’re an experienced woodsman,the company supplies a knife set known as the Woodsman Series. This collection is made up of pocket knife,a hunting knife,and a utility knife. Each of these knives is made from high-quality,hard-use,durable forests,and is engineered to fit the demands of a hard-working woodworker. The utility knife includes a one-inch stainless steel paring knife,a pocket knife having a blade of 8.5 inches,and a corkscrew which feature a very long,blunt suggestion to permit users to crack tough corks faster and easier.


Wood carving enthusiasts will delight in the Woodcraft series,which is made up of a folding knife and carving knife. That includes the exact same high-grade,hard-use,durable wood used from the wood carving tools. knives.


Woodcraft knives are intended to last a lifetime,and offer a lifetime guarantee. Whether you are a veteran craftsman or simply starting out,there’s something for every type of individual and every type of need and way of life. With these fine items,anyone can create an outdoor experience with confidence. No matter what the occasion,Medford Knives and Tool will offer a quality,beautiful and durable item for any outdoor usage.

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