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Graphic Design & Vinyl Cutting Maker Sprint Cycle

Students explore 2D shapes to create icons, analyze current logos and design their own, learn how to create vector graphics, and learn how to use the vinyl cutter. This Maker Sprint Cycle culminates in a challenge where students design and make their own t-shirts. This Maker Sprint Cycle addresses 2nd grade TEKS in social studies, math, fine arts foundations and technology. 

1st Maker Sprint - Inventing Icons

 In this sprint, students use 2D shapes to explore and create their own icons, or graphical representations of universal ideas.

2nd Maker Sprint - Designing Logos

In this sprint, students observe digital logos, dissect the elements of a logo such as shapes and colors, and then design and draw their own logo.

3rd Maker Sprint - Vector Graphics

In this sprint, students will learn how to use the web-based software to create digital vector-based graphics.

4th Maker Sprint - Vinyl Cutter

In this sprint, students will learn how the vinyl cutter works, what the vinyl cutter makes and how to use the vinyl cutter safely.

Vinyl Cutter Challenge

In this culminating project, students will use the skills they have learned to brainstorm and design a logo, make the logo using and then use the vinyl cutter to create their own custom t-shirt with a logo representing who they are.

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