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Human-Centered Design card: A visual representation of both the Human-Centered Design process and the process of making. This visual describes how the modes of HCD and the purposes of making can intersect and support each other.

Design Thinking & Making card: A visual representation of design-thinking mindsets, maker behaviors, and places where the learning outcomes of both ways of teaching and learning overlap.

New Models for Teaching & Learning card: A visual representation of where project-based learning, Maker-Based Instruction, Human-Centered Design, and STEM might overlap and where they don’t overlap.

MBI Learning Modes Overview: Handouts introducing the three modes of Maker-Based Instruction (Explore, Skill-Build, and Challenge). Each handout includes recommended procedures as well as the teacher’s posture and the students’ posture during each of the activities.

Maker Reflection: What Do You Believe?: A two-part worksheet for teachers to reflect on their beliefs about teaching and learning as well as how their beliefs about teaching and learning align or stand in tension with Maker-Based Instruction.

We collaborate with a team of amazing designer-educators, both on SMU’s campus and beyond, including members of the Design & Innovation group housed in the Lyle School.

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