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Curriculum Resources

  • Instructables: A website filled with maker projects for kids and adults, including electronics, sewing, cooking, design, and more. Also has resources for teachers and students at all grade levels.
  • SparkTruck Instructables channel: Instructables resources created and curated by SparkTruck - now the SMU Maker Truck.
  • Website for an organization that supports and trains teachers in Maker-Based Instruction. Includes an extensive resource library for establishing and maintaining a makerspace and Maker-Based Instruction.
  • Makerspace playbook: A guide to creating and outfitting the high school makerspace, including estimated costs.
  • SparkTruck Resources: Resources on how to make a mobile makerspace, tool cards, lesson planning, and more.
  • Stanford Stoke activities: A printable deck of cards for creative improv games to help set different tones for class: Boost Energy, Create Focus, Get Personal, Nurture Camaraderie, and Communicate Mindsets.

Materials Resources

  • Scrap Denton: A nonprofit store in Denton, Texas, that specializes in selling reused materials that can be used in many Maker-Based Instruction activities. Scrap also hosts educational programs and artistic exhibitions.

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