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MakerTruck joins Lamplighter School for a School Residency focused on Graphic Design & Vinyl Cutting, April 2018

In April 2018, we brought the MakerTruck to the Lamplighter School where the 4th grade made custom knapsacks for their upcoming trip to Austin. Teachers worked with students to explore icons through 2D shapes. Then students made mood boards that represented Texas. From there, students sketched new logos for the state of Texas. They then learned how to use vector drawing software to digitize their logos. When the MakerTruck came, students were ready to have their designs cut with the vinyl cutter. They used tweezers and other tools to remove the extra vinyl. They they placed their designs on the knapsacks and use the heat press to melt the vinyl to their bags. Now, when students go to Austin, they will easily be able to find their bags by looking for the logo they designed and made!

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