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Introduction to Maker-Based Instruction Summer Institute, Summer 2017

In the summer of 2017, we facilitated a three-day intensive workshop focused on Maker-Based Instruction. Teachers from all over the DFW area came to work together, push themselves, and learn new teaching approaches, software, tools, and materials through hands-on activities. A big focus of this session was iterations based on feedback from a collaborative community. Teachers also learned how to use CAD modeling software and got to 3-D print their own designs. One teacher said about the experience: “The best part was to learn about maker-based instruction in a very well-equipped makerspace. The pacing and planning of the session were perfect and the delivery of the training was extremely engaging. It has been by far the most professional training I ever had as an educator. I am eager to learn more about maker-based instruction and to acquire more skills to be able to apply this teaching model as much as possible in my classroom.” More than 180 teachers from public schools, independent schools, elementary schools, high schools, and higher education applied.

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