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The Q&A: Katie Krummeck and Rob Rouse Thumb

The Q&A: Katie Krummeck and Rob Rouse

An interview with the director and co-director of the SMU Maker Education Project about how students use the Deason Innovation Gym, the makerspace housed at SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering.

SparkTruck Hits the Road Thumb

SparkTruck Hits the Road

In the 5 years since its inception, SparkTruck has crisscrossed the country, engaged thousands of kids and educators, and inspired a number of maker education initiatives. In these years, we’ve come to realize that our mission is to develop and spread pedagogical best practices for maker-based education, with the goal of moving maker-based education beyond a fad and into the mainstream. Now the SparkTruck is on the move again – to a new home and a new crew at SMU in Dallas, Texas.

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