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Our Team

Katie Krummeck

Katie Krummeck is director of the SMU Maker Education Project. She brings a strong background in strategic thinking, program development, Human-Centered Design, and Maker-Based Instruction. Read More

Rob Rouse 

Rob Rouse is a clinical assistant professor at Southern Methodist University’s Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education & Human Development. He is also co-director of SMU’s Maker Education Project. In his work with the Maker Education Project, Rob supports teachers implementing high-quality Maker-Based Instruction by conducting professional development and consulting with educators from public, private, and charter schools. Read More

DiMitri Higginbotham

DiMitri Higginbotham is the graduate assistant for the SMU Maker Education Project, where he gets to drive and teach from the SMU MakerTruck. He is a graduate student at Southern Methodist University where he is working on an M.A. in Design and Innovation, focusing on maker education and Human-Centered Design strategies. Read More

We collaborate with a team of amazing designer-educators, both on SMU’s campus and beyond, including members of the Design & Innovation group housed in the Lyle School.

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