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Katie Krummeck

Katie Krummeck

Katie Krummeck is director of the SMU Maker Education Project. She brings a strong background in strategic thinking, program development, Human-Centered Design, and Maker-Based Instruction.

Katie is an educator by training, a maker by trial and error, a learning experience designer, and a steadfast believer in the power of empathy to solve the messiest of human problems. She believes that creative confidence is the key to success in the 21st century and that making is an excellent way to build it. Katie believes that making is about inhabiting the posture that almost any problem is solvable with a little perseverance, a little focus, a little tinkering, and a little help from your fellow makers. Making taps into students’ natural curiosity and self-motivated desire to learn, which helps them overcome challenges, solve problems, and persevere in the face of ambiguity and confusion.

Katie began her career as a secondary teacher and co-founder of a small, experimental independent school, where students collaborated across age groups to engage in project-based, interdisciplinary learning. She then worked for an education nonprofit startup before moving to the Hasso Plattner Institute for Design at Stanford University (“the”).

At the, Katie led the SparkTruck project, an innovative mobile maker lab for elementary school students. She positioned SparkTruck to create lasting change by inspiring and supporting teachers to integrate creativity and hands-on learning into their classrooms. Her work also focused on designing and implementing professional development for educators and school leaders, to encourage and support them to be innovators in their schools and create positive change in education.

Over the course of a career spent designing, building, experimenting with, and hacking at the education system, Katie has developed the maker mindsets she needed to tackle any technical challenge and tinker away at any problem. Katie is eager to develop these same attitudes and mindsets in students in K–12 schools through the struggles and joys of making.

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